BettingCSGO Betting and gambling sites list with free codes to win skins betting on CSGO matches betting
  • Bet on esports matches in all your favourite games including CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and more.
  • Try your luck in the user pool betting system, where you are playing against other users not against the bookie.
  • Easy deposit options, includng Bitcoin, Skrill and Skins (CSGO, PUBG, Dota 2).
  • Try new roulette - Thunderspin, where you can win up to 1500 euro in 10 seconds!
  • Have your bets resolved much faster on, than any other betting platform.
  • Play now at Use code: refclub for 5% deposit bonus!
CSGO Polygon referral code BONUSCOINS
  • Our CSGO Polygon free code will help you get started without any deposit
  • Play roulette or bet on Esports at CSGO Polygon
  • Chat with other CSGO Polygon Russian and English players in the chatroom
  • Redeem your credits for skins in the store.
  • UPDATE: After a brief break, CSGO Polygon is back online!
  • Play now at CSGO Polygon. Use code: BONUSCOINS for 100 free credits.
CSGO Case free code BRIEFCASE
  • Click 'FREE' then 'Enter Code' at the top then enter the free code
  • Must have CSGO on account to redeem
  • CSGO Case has heaps of game modes from coinflip, jackpot, betting to scratchcards
  • Try your luck at slots to earn cs skins
  • Play now at CSGO Case. Use code: BRIEFCASE at CSGO Case for 150 free coins!
Drake Lounge  free code LOUNGING
  • Get started without any deposit when using free $1 Drake Lounge code.
  • Drake Lounge is one of the most popular Esports betting lounges.
  • Bet on CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and more!
  • Cashout your coins for CSGO skins.
  • Play now at Drake Lounge. $1 FREE! Use code: LOUNGING
CSGO Fast free bonus credits
  • Play jackpot against other players.
  • Try win at the roulette 'Double Game.'
  • Bonus store to spend bonus coins on skins.
  • CSGO Fast 50 bonus credits after your first game.
  • Play now at CSGO Fast. 50 bonus credits after your first match.
CSGO Positive betting
  • Bet on esports matches.
  • No withdraw/deposit commission
  • Automated skins withdrawal
  • Play now at CSGO Positive. 30 free gems when you join
CSGO Speed free coins 0FD889E5B9
  • Get started without any deposit when using free 50 coins.
  • Play different games to win coins.
  • You must have 60 mins of CS:GO play time on your Steam account.
  • Redeem your coins in the marketplace for skins.
  • CSGO Speed now supports PUBG skins withdraws.
  • Play now at CSGO Speed. Use code: 0FD889E5B9 for 50 free coins!
GG.Bet betting
  • Bet on esports matches.
  • Match bonus up to $100.
  • Play now at GG.Bet. Match bonus up to $100!
Fast2play betting casino
  • Bet on esports matches from CS:GO, Overwatch, Dota2 and more!
  • 100% bonus up to $100 when you join.
  • Available in select countries.
  • Casino games including Video Poker, Hold'em, Slots and Roulette
  • Play now at Fast2play. 100% bonus up to $100!
ArcaneBet betting
  • Huge range of Esports matches to bet on with great odds!
  • Pick from your favourite games including Dota2, SMITE and World of Tanks.
  • 100% bonus up to $100 when you join.
  • Play now at ArcaneBet. Use code: CSGOCLUB for a 100% deposit bonus up to $100!
Nano Bet  free code MEGA
  • Place a bet with your free $.50 Nano Bet code.
  • Nano Bet lets you bet on games from CSGO and Dota2.
  • Cashout your coins for CSGO skins once you have deposited $3.
  • Play now at Nano Bet. Get $.50 free using code: MEGA

Betting Sites Overview

Betting on CSGO skins on CSGO and other Esports matches has become an incredibly popular activity. Our CSGO gambling sites list brings you the most comprehensive list of CSGO betting sites to bet CSGO skins. We are constantly on the lookout for new CSGO sites with free offers to let you get started for free, no deposit required. Use our list to find your new favourite CSGO betting sites today!

Key features to look out for:

  • Free betting offers to let you start for free.
  • A wide range of Esports to bet on, including CS:GO, DOTA2 and LoL.
  • Large selection of CSGO matches to bet on.
  • Active community with chat to discuss upcoming matches with.
  • Fast withdrawal systems so you can get your CSGO skins sooner!