CoinflipCSGO Coinflip sites list with free codes to win skins.

GG.Bet betting
  • Bet on esports matches from all the popular games including CSGO, Dota 2, LoL and Rocket League.
  • Get a 100% match bonus up to $100 when you deposit.
  • Hit up the 'Insta Games' section to try your luck at High Striker (crash), Heads & Tails (coinflip) and many other games!
  • GG.Bet also has a large range of slot machine games to try out.
  • Play now at GG.Bet. Use code: CLUB to get a 100% bonus up to $100!
  • Complete tasks such as surveys, app installations and watching videos to earn coins.
  • Try your luck at dice, coinflip or raffles to win big.
  • Redeem your coins via Bitcoin, PayPal, Bitskins or popular CSGO sites like CSGO Kingdom.
  • Link your Steam account to unlock more offers.
  • Play now at Watch unlimited ads to earn coins. BIGBET code
  • Get a deposit bonus on every deposit you make.
  • Play games and cashout for ETH crypto.
  • Try the high rollers jackpot for bigger pots, or try the 30max option for smaller rounds.
  • Play now at Use code: BIGBET to get 1% deposit bonus on all deposits!
CSGO Speed free coins 0FD889E5B9
  • Get started without any deposit when using free 50 coins.
  • Play different games to win coins.
  • You must have 60 mins of CS:GO play time on your Steam account.
  • Redeem your coins in the marketplace for skins.
  • CSGO Speed now supports crypto currency withdraws.
  • Play now at CSGO Speed. Use code: 0FD889E5B9 for 50 free coins!
Skin Joker free code
  • Play jackpot and coinflip games to win VGO skins.
  • Try your luck at Binary. Win by predicting if graph is higher or lower than your starting point when the round ends.
  • Skin Joker now has a crash game mode and VGO skin support!
  • Play now at Skin Joker. Use code: J6XZAWAV for free .25
Flipit FLIPPER free code
  • Flipit offers coinflip games to win VGO, CSGO and more skins!
  • Get free daily coins by changing your steam name or changing your avatar.
  • Choose from CSGO, TF2, Dota2 or VGO skins in the Flipit market.
  • Play now at Flipit. Use code: FLIPPER for .40 coins!
XHowl free coin MOON
  • Get 50 XHowl coins when you use the free code.
  • Brave the tower game to win coins at XHowl.
  • Cashout your coins in the store.
  • XHowl is a sister site of
  • Play now at XHowl. Use code: MOON for 50 free coins!
VGO Poor FLIP free code
  • Coinflip games to win VGO skins. Bet big with the 8x options!
  • Claim free coins every 24 hours.
  • Complete offers from the offer wall to earn extra skins.
  • Play now at VGO Poor. Use code: FLIP for 250 coins!
VGO Big BIGGER free code
  • Coinflip and more games to play and win VGO skins.
  • Small & Main Jackpot types offer you different ways to play.
  • Open all the official VGO cases to get your VGO skins.
  • Play now at VGO Big. Use code: BIGGER for .50 coins!
VGO Fresh coinflip and jackpot
  • Win VGO skins playing coinflip and Jackpot.
  • Earn points by completing tasks or purchase them with CSGO keys.
  • Play now at VGO Fresh.
Zorgo Games free code DEAL
  • Zorgo Games is the newest venture from the team that made DatDrop.
  • Lots of game modes including blackjack, coinflip and jackpot.
  • Cashout your winnings for ethereum crypto.
  • Check back daily to claim the free faucet from Zorgo Games.
  • Play now at Zorgo Games. Use code: DEAL at Zorgo Games for free coins!

Coinflip Sites Overview

Coinflip is a simple game mode, but one with the potential to excite. Simply enter a head to head duel against an opponent. Flip a coin, if your side comes up you take all the winnings! It's a quick and easy game and a fun way to compete for VGO or CSGO skins.

Some sites such as CSGOEmpire let you coinflip against other players, letting you put your coins where your mouth is! Alternatively you can coinflip against bots if you don't have a real-world opponent to take on. Get the most out of your coinflip games with our coinflip promo codes to get you started playing with bonuses or free coins!

Key features to look out for:

  • Free coinflip bonuses and offers that give you coins to play with.
  • Ability to set your own coinflip wager amount.
  • Coinflips are over quickly, so no wasted time waiting around for the next game to begin.
  • Multiple games at once. Why flip against one opponent when you can take on more?