CasesCSGO and VGO Case Opening sites list with free codes to win free skins

Farm Skins free code CLUB
  • Case opening game with many different case types to choose from.
  • Farm Skins supports English and Russian languages.
  • Open a Farm Skins free case with the code!
  • Farm Skins now supports a number of VGO cases to open.
  • Play now at Farm Skins. Use code: CLUB for $1.20 free at Farm Skins!
  • Case opening game with many different case types to choose from.
  • Use the case creator to make your own case!
  • Open a CSGO Live daily free case each day for a chance to win.
  • TIP: If you get a price instability error when withdrawing, try a lower priced item instead.
  • Play now at CSGO Live. Use code: LIVEFREE
GO Case free code GOBIG
  • Case opening site with case types to open and win H1Z1 and Dota2 skins.
  • Get the skins you desire at GO Case via the marketplace.
  • Get a daily bonus by sharing on social media.
  • Upgrade your old skins using the upgrader.
  • Withdraw any balance to popular crypto, including bitcoin and litecoin.
  • Play now at GO Case. Use code: GOBIG for $1.70 free!
Drake Moon free case
  • Case opening game with many different case types to choose from.
  • Win CD Keys for heaps of different games
  • Play now at Drake Moon. Use code: REFCLUB for free .72 to open a case for free
CSGO Big free code REFCLUB
  • Win skins playing roulette and other games.
  • Collect free coins via the 'Promo Codes' option
  • Redeem coins in the marketplace to earn your VGO skins
  • Play now at CSGO Big. Use code: REFCLUB for free coins
Daddy Skins free code ZOOM
  • Use code to cashback on each deposit.
  • Try your luck winning challenge draws.
  • Heaps of different CSGO cases to open.
  • Now with VGO skin optios available!
  • Play now at Daddy Skins. Use code: ZOOM for 5% cashback
  • Case opening game with many different case types to choose from.
  • One of the largest case opening sites with over 5 million users so far!
  • Open a free daily case every 24 hours.
  • Hellcase now supports VGO case opening.
  • Play now at Hellcase. Get .45 free when you first join!
PvPro free code csgorc
  • Play 1vs1, 2vs2 and other CSGO game types.
  • Must have CSGO on account to redeem free coins.
  • Must have a valid email address to register.
  • Try your luck opening a cheap CSGO skin case.
  • Play now at PvPro. Use code: csgorc for 100 free coins
Dat Drop free code HOTDAT
  • Regular cases as well as new case battles.
  • Dat Drop supports English, Turkish and many more languages.
  • Play case battles against other players to win crypto!
  • Play now at Dat Drop. Use code: HOTDAT for 5% deposit bonus.
Loot VGO
  • Open a range of new VGO cases.
  • Unbox awesome VGO items
  • Regular contests give you the chance to win VGO items
  • Play now at Loot VGO.
Swift Skins FREEBIES free referral code
  • Enjoy roulette, opening VGO cases or try your luck at coinflip.
  • Pick your VGO skins from the wide variety on offer in the VGO store.
  • Play now at Swift Skins. Use code: FREEBIES for free coins!
VGO Unbox BOXED affiliate code
  • Open different VGO cases to win VGO skins.
  • VGO Unbox features custom cases such as the 'Market Case' where you can win any of the items currently available on the VGO Unbox market.
  • Try the trading option to switch your VGO skins to the ones you want!
  • Play now at VGO Unbox.
VGO Big BIGGER free code
  • Coinflip and more games to play and win VGO skins.
  • Small & Main Jackpot types offer you different ways to play.
  • Open all the official VGO cases to get your VGO skins.
  • Play now at VGO Big. Use code: BIGGER for .50 coins!
VGO House FULLHOUSE free code
  • VGO House is just like CSGO House, but with VGO support!
  • Play the VGO slot machine or open cases.
  • Crack the safe to win the jackpot. Current jackpot increases every 3 hours till someone cracks the code!
  • Cash out your winnings for an array of VGO items in the marketplace
  • Play now at VGO House. Use code: FULLHOUSE for .50 coins!
VGO Case 88 vgo cases
  • Open all the official VGO cases to win VGO skins.
  • Play now at VGO Case 88.
Skin Fans vgo cases
  • Offers all the regular official VGO cases for opening.
  • Fight your way to the top of the playlist by unboxing the best items!
  • Chat to other players while you unbox VGO skins
  • Play now at Skin Fans.

Cases Sites Overview

CSGO cases have proven to be one of the best ways to earn CSGO skins. In addition to the in-game cases, many 3rd party sites have popped up offering better odds and a wider variety of CSGO cases to open. With the launch of VGO, now comes a new wave of official VGO cases. While these cases are in their infancy, there's a chance to unbox items no one else has. Use our complete CSGO case site list to find the skins you're looking for. We provide a list of free offers and codes so you can get the best value for money, sometimes even getting to open CSGO and VGO cases for free.

Key features to look out for:

  • Wide variety of case types.
  • Odds shown, so you know exactly what your chance of winning is.
  • Large active user-base.
  • Custom case creation where you can make a case yourself to win the skins you want.
  • Daily free cases where you can open a free case each day.