Gameflip - An Opskins Alternative For Buying & Selling CSGO Skins

If you are an avid video game player, then you must already be familiar with Gameflip, the highly popular website known as an ideal marketplace for buying, selling and trading various items. It can be a great alternative to Opskins, in particular for buying and selling “in-game” items such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skins

Players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have the option to choose from multiple Counter Strike weapon skins. As a natural instinct, after playing with a particular weapon skin for a few days or weeks, the player wants to move on to some other weapon skin so as to retain his interest in the game. There comes the need to buy a new weapon skin or sell your old one or may be, trade your old one with another one of your choice.

Gameflip – Your first choice

Gameflip will be your first choice when it comes to websites offering opportunities to buy, sell or trade your CSGO weapon skins as also many other items.

The Gameflip marketplace supports one of the widest range of games, including CS:GO, TF2, DOTA2, PUBG, Rust and unlike Opskins, Gameflip even supports Rocket League!

You can make substantial savings by buying, selling and trading various items on Gameflip. Daily updates are available on the website of Gameflip. You can also follow Gameflip on Twitter @Gameflipapp and get automatic updates on profitable deals for you. Keep your eye out for Flash Deals where you can save upto 90% on CSGO skins!

Gameflip Flash Deals

Free $1 bonus on making a new Gameflip account

There is good news for those of you who want to make a new account on Gameflip. All new users get $1 free with code: FG917H when they make a Gameflip account. The account can be made by following simple steps described on the Gameflip website.

Other offerings by Gameflip

Other attractive offerings by Gameflip include the following:

Video Games

You get the best deals on video games. The range starts from retro classics and moves on to the very latest across all platforms. You can choose from brand new or pre-owned video games. You need not miss your Super Mario game anymore!


The entire range from classics like Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Xbox to the current ones such as PS4 and Xbox One etc. is available on Gameflip.


Get attractive deals on Blu-ray, UltraViolet movies and DVDs. You can soon have your own personal movie library.

Gift Cards

You get great deals on different cards and can also sell your unused or unwanted cards for instant cash.

Gameflip Gift Cards


Choose from a wide selection of accessories for your video games and consoles.


Popular collections at Gameflip include toys, trading cards and some rare memorabilia from your favorite video games and pop culture.

In-Game Items & Skins

Last, but not the least, buy and sell your in-game items and skins with total comfort and ease on Gameflip. Either way, the prices you pay or get are the best bargains!

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