Epics is an exciting way to collect digital trading cards of your favourite CSGO players and teams. Open card packs to build your collection. As your collection grows, you can trade, craft or even buy/sell cards on the marketplace. The more cards you collect, the higher you will climb on the global and regional leaderboards.

Epics first began in 2018 and has continued to expand ever since. Each year sees a new CSGO season launched, with new features being added all the time.

Free to Collect

The best bit is you can start off for free. When you first join you are given a free onboarding pack. Your free cards can then be used to create a roster and play the Epics Rush game. From there, the more you play, the more free card packs you will unlock.

Epics also includes a spinner wheel which you can spin for free every 30 minutes. The wheel contains a huge range of prizes, including card packs, Epicoins, crafting shards and silver coins.

There’s also plenty of rewards for completing activities along the way with Daily, Weekly and General quests to complete. Logging in regularly for 7 days can net you the Player Of The Week Card, whilst by logging for 27 days you can unlock the Player Of The Month card.

Epics CSGO Cards

Sign Up Bonus For Extra Epicoins

Use code: SESSION to get 15% bonus on any epicoin purchases you make within the first 30 days of creating your Epics account! This can be an awesome way to kick start your collection.

Collecting Epics CSGO Cards

Each season of CSGO cards contains a core collection of cards. The full set is divided up into different tiers which vary in rarity. The most common cards are easy to obtain, while the Legendary cards are much harder to find.

The 2021 CSGO core collection includes:





Tier 1 Superior:

Entry Fragger

Tier 2 Epic:

Master Entry Fragger
Master Rifler
Master Sniper
Master Support
Master Origins

Tier 3 Legendary:

Master Entry Fragger
Master Rifler
Master Sniper
Master Support

Cards are obtained from opening Purple, Adrenaline, Gold, Diamond card parks. Purple packs contain lower tier cards, whilst Diamond packs have a chance to drop cards for all tiers, including the super rare Legendary cards.

Epics Market

Additionally there are also special collections for events such as IEM Cologne, Dreamhack Masters and ESL Pro League.

Throughout the year there’s also various Limited Edition and Special Edition card sets that drop, including the Fade, Rogue Operatives, Blacksite, Independence Day and Pistol Kings collections.


Crafting provides a great way to turn your duplicate cards into a higher tier card. Each craft requires 1 crafting shard or orb, which can be obtained via the spinner wheel. The crafting recipe also requires a number of duplicate cards and silver coins. Whilst the cost to craft lower tier cards is small, it can be quite costly to craft high tier cards.

Eg. To craft an uncommon card, you will need 5 common cards, 500 silver coins and an uncommon shard.

Eg. To craft a Tier 2 Epic card, you will need 15 tier 1 cards, 15000 silver coins and an Epic shard.


The Epics platform also lets you trade your cards and items with other players. To send another player a trade, you will first need to know their username. The Epics discord is a great way to find other players in the community to trade with.

Epics CSGO Cards


The marketplace is a great way to earn epicoins for your unwanted cards or items. You can easily list your cards for sale and name your price. For each sale over 9 epicoins, Epics collects a 15% commission.

When listing a card for sale, the marketplace generates a ‘suggested value’. You can use this as a starting point for determining how much your card is worth. However you should also take into account other factors such as mint and rarity. It’s always a good idea to look at the recent sales history to get a feel for how much similar cards have sold for recently.

Epics CSGO Cards

Epics Rush

Epics Rush is an exciting game where you get to put the cards you have collected to work.
Each card in your collection has a bunch of stats associated with it and an OVR (Overall Rating) for how well the player performs. The higher the OVR, the better!

Building a Roster

The first step is to build a roster of 5 players, with a total budget of $45,000. Each roster is made up of one card each of the following roles: Rifler, Sniper, Support, Entry and Flex. Flex is a wildcard option where you choose a card from any role. So if you want a double AWP set up, go for it!

Epics CSGO Cards

Bonuses / Penalties

There’s a few different bonuses that stack up based on the different cards that you choose. Having multiple players from the same country will give you a bonus, as does having players from the same team in your line up. Experiment with different rosters to find out what works best to achieve a high OVR (Overall Rating).

Depending on your line up, your roster may also have strong map bonuses, or weak map penalties. These are important to remember during the map ban process when playing an Epics Rush game.

Roster Level

Roster Level is what defines what other rosters your squad can compete against. There are 5 roster levels within the game. When you first put your team together, it will have a roster level of 1.

Roster LevelBonus
10% - 149%
2150% - 549%
3550 - 949%
4950% - 1149%

Cards can be levelled up via the ‘Level Cards’ menu within the game. The costs vary depending on the tier of the card being levelled up. The costs increase with each level until the card is maxed out. Levelling up higher tier cards provides a much larger roster level bonus than lower tier cards.

Some of the PVE Rush Circuits have a roster level requirement, where your squad must obtain a specific roster level in order to compete. Generally the higher the roster level requirement, the greater the prize rewards. The prestige circuits allow you to win epicoins, gold and even diamond card packs.

Playing an Epics Rush Match

Epics Rush let’s you play against other players via the Challenge PVP system, or against the pros via the PVE Battles epic circuit system. The PVE Battles circuit is a great place to begin, as it has a bunch of prizes to unlock to help you grow your card collection.

The actual game of Epics Rush is quite simple. You first select the roster you want to compete with. Then choose 2 maps to ban on the Map Bans screen. You will then be shown a summary of the upcoming game, complete with the odds of each team winning. Then when you’re ready, tap Battle to let the game play out. You can either watch the game through, or tap again to skip to the results.

Get Your Epics CSGO Collection Started

Hopefully this overview of the Epics platform has helped you understand what it’s all about and how to get started! The best way forward though, is to create an account for yourself and start exploring.

Epics Market

Remember to use code: SESSION when you register to unlock 15% bonuses on any epicoins you purchase within the first 30 days. Head on over to Epics now to register.

We also have a heap of other CSGO sites for you to check out!

Happy CSGO card collecting!

It’s no secret that eloot.gg is one of the most popular sites for earning cash through completing tasks. However, what you might not know is that they have now just launched a new novel way to earn rewards.

eloot.gg game offers 1

Play Games and Get Paid for It

You can now earn rewards by playing newly released games. To get started head to eloot.gg. From there you can view game offers and see their requirements. Pick the one that looks right for you, then send the game link to your phone. Set your in-game name to your eloot name and you’re good to go!

eloot.gg game offers 2

Once you meet the game requirements (eg. level your character to level 20 etc), you’ll be credited with gems in 7 - 14 days. Turn your gems into rewards uch as full games, game loot, gift cards, crypto and more.

Head over to eloot.g now to get paid to play games today!

We also have a complete list of rewards sites where you can find sites that let you earn rewards by completing tasks, watching videos or filling out surveys.

Sadly Bitskins recently announced it will be shutting down its operation shortly. If you have any items currently listed there you should move them out as soon as possible. This is certainly not the end for CSGO item buying/selling though, with a number of other marketplaces still available for use.

Bitskins Logo

What are some Bitskins alternatives for buying/selling CSGO skins?

Thankfully there are a number of other CSGO skins marketplaces that can be used in light of the Bitskins shutdown. Below we explore some of the alternative options and their key features.

Skin Baron

Skin Baron is based in Germany, providing a marketplace for buying and selling items from CSGO, Dota 2, TF2, H1Z1 and Rust.

  • 15% sales fee on each sale.
  • Payment options: PayPal, PaySafe, Bank Transfer, and G2A Pay.
Skin Baron

Skin Bay

Skin Bay is another alternative CSGO marketplace operating out of Germany. They have marketplaces available for CSGO, Dota 2, TF2, H1Z1 and Rust game items.

  • 10% sales fee on each sale.
  • Payment options: PayPal, Klarna and G2A Pay.
Skin Bay

CS Deals

CS Deals provide a CSGO trade bot and marketplace for trading/buying/selling of CSGO skins. They also support a number of other games including Dota 2, TF2, H1Z1 and Rust game items.

  • 1.5% sales fee on each sale. (Reduced to 1% when you have site name in your steam profile name).
  • Payment options: Bitcoin, G2A Pay, Credit card, Skrill, Webmoney and more.
CS Deals

Checkout our complete list of CSGO marketplaces for more sites.

Introduced as an alternative to the traditional CSGO skins gambling, VGO is proving to be a popular and safe way to buy, sell or trade your skins. VGO skins are tradeable digital items based on blockchain technology. Every VGO is unique and generated from a peer-based network. Each blockchain transaction can be verified for full transparency, and any digital item cannot be duplicated. Collecting and trading VGO is designed to mimic the trading experience of popular online games, albeit with no restrictions whatsoever. This is a great leap for online gamers world wide.

Karambit Marble Koi

What are the benefits of VGO skins over CSGO Skins?

There are many unheralded benefits that one can get by using VGO skins over the traditional CSGO skins.

No trade restrictions

It’s always frustrating to experience some form of limitation when you are trying to trade your skins items. Prominent sites like Steam, have about 16 types of restrictions that limit your ability to trade. With VGO, there are no limits of any kind and items can be traded immediately, no bans and no trade holds.

Multiple accounts

With VGO, you can have multiple VGO accounts that cannot be banned.


We all want a safe way to gamble our skins on the most popular skin gambling sites. While the use of CSGO skins is widespread and are pretty much present in every site, it does not offer the level of security that a blockchain system has. VGO cannot be hacked or shut down unlike other types of skins which are hosted by the gambling site. Since VGO is blockchain-based, every transaction is one-of-a-kind and can be easily traced through the transaction data that still remains no matter what.

No inventory restrictions

You can have as many VGO items in your VGO account without restriction. No more arbitrary limits like Steam!

Instant trading

Thanks to the WAX platform, trades offers appear instantly after they are created. No waiting, ever!

No fees attached

Trades from one account to another are completely free.

AK-47 Opulent

How to buy, sell or trade your VGO Skins

VGO offers a seamless formula for trading digital items instantly and efficiently. By generating a smart contract with the blockchain technology, each VGO item can be linked to its source, and each transaction made transparently. Quite often, an adjustment or update in CSGO may lead to a trade restriction on skin gambling which catches many unaware. Such frustrations can easily be avoided by opting for VGO skins which cannot be restricted since they are not centrally owned by a single person/entity who dictates what happens.

Buying, selling and trading your VGO skins is equally effortless and simple. First, there are several ways to obtain VGO items: buying from a reputable marketplace like OPSkins, using WAX ExpressTrade to trade for a VGO item or opening vCases with vKeys. These are the best options to get started with.

In addition, you can get vKeys by buying them from a marketplace that supports VGO items, or by receiving a vKey in a trade from another VGO user who sends one to you. From this blockchain process, you can use your new vKey to open a vCase, and the item is sent to your VGO.gg inventory. All acquired VGO items can be viewed from your item inventory, and you can decide to trade them for other things.

Using a peer-to-peer trading platform such as WAX ExpressTrade you can trade VGO items back and forth with other users instead of listing them on OPSkins or purchasing them yourself. This is a streamlined way of transacting that is extremely fast and free to use. You will not be charged any trading fees, though items will cost some money to buy.

M4a4 Ice Chamber

Gambling with VGO skins

The first step in VGO skins gambling is to get some skins using any of the three methods: buying digital items through an online marketplace like OPSkins.com, opening VGO cases or trading with another user.

The next step is to find a suitable VGO gambling site. This is perhaps the hardest step, and you will need to be cautious about which site to use. There are many fraudsters out there after a quick buck. Currently, there are a plethora of VGO gambling sites that are verified, tested and reviewed. You can easily choose any that you like, and some have bonuses to get you started.

Using your steam account, log in to the betting site and deposit your VGO skins from your inventory in the gambling site. Choose the items that you would like to deposit. Generally, the process of skin deposit is similar across most of the skins gambling sites with only a different user interface. Click on ExpressTrade Offers and accept incoming trades from the betting site. That’s it!

Flip Knife Spell Bind

You can now enjoy the new world of skins gambling and trading with VGO items.

What You Need to Know About CS:GO Before You Start Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is among the three most popular games played in
eSports events, along DotA2 and LoL. Because of the high level of popularity, CSGO
is also on the rise.

If you are an avid eSports fan that is looking to get into this world, then you should get
properly informed about the game before you decide to place bets on its outcomes.

What is CS:GO?

This game is a multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) in which two teams battle each
other to win rounds. We are talking about the classic teams, Counter-Terrorists, and
Terrorists. A match consists of over 15 rounds and the first team that manages to reach
round 16 (unless we are talking about overtime) wins the match.

To win a round, a team must completely obliterate the other team and/or complete map
objectives. If you played any game from this franchise, then you know that the Terrorists
must plant a bomb and allow it to detonate before the time runs out. The Counter-
Terrorists have to stop the bomb from going off or if it’s not activated, then they must
stop the Terrorists.

Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore

Let’s talk about its history

Because you need to get accustomed to the game, you need to know how it came to be.
CS was first created in 1999 as a mod for a very popular game at that time – Half-Life.
Two students, Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, are its creators.

At first, it was free to download because they didn’t think it would become popular.
However, it became an instant hit and Valve soon bought its rights. Followed up by
Condition Zero and Source, Counter-Strike entered the eSports scene.

With sides split between the original Counter-Strike and Source, Valve made it easier by
releasing in 2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Because of the already high numbers
of players and constant updates, this game grew to be in the top 3 most popular eSports.

The best teams and players

In a game of this nature, you can expect that the rankings are always fluctuating. At the
moment of writing this article, the best teams are FaZe and Cloud9 with mousesports
and fnatic close behind.

What is interesting about Faze is that it has a roster made up of 5 different nationalities,
which is rare for the eSports scene. NiKO is a Bosnian player with immense skill and he
is the star of the team.

On which CS:GO tournaments can you bet?

You can find various offers of betting on numerous sites. We are talking about major CS:
GO tournaments: PGL Major, ESL One, Dreamhack, SLTV StarSeries, FACEIT, ESEA
seasons, ECS and ELEAGUE.

You can also find regular events (online or offline) on which you can bet. If you want to
get an edge in betting, this can do the difference between casual CS:GO followers and
hardcore, serious players and gamblers.


Mixing individual skill with team chemistry, CS:GO is an immensely popular game that
continues to bring in players and gamblers into the eSports and betting scenes.

Every day, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S: BATTLEGROUNDS just keeps growing. In Early November, PUBG reached a total concurrent player count of over 2 million. Well past that of any games before it, including DOTA2 and CS:GO.

Alongside the interest in the game itself has been a growing interest in PUBG items and skins. So far, the game includes a number of crates that can be opened to gain clothes and accessories for your in-game character. With the possibility of PUBG weapons skins and other enhancements in the future, the popularity of PUBG skins just keeps growing.

PUBG items for sale

A number of PUBG sites have opened to give users a chance to win PUBG items. Many of these new PUBG sites have been created as offshoots from well-known CSGO gambling sites, such as CSGO Polygon and CSGO Fast. Lots of the new PUBG gambling sites have games which will be familiar to those having tried out CSGO gambling in the past. These include roulette, coin flip, jackpot, Esports betting and case opening. There’s already heaps of different ways to gamble and win PUBG skins.

Finding the Best New PUBG Sites

With so many new PUBG gambling sites opening up, it’s a great time to try them all and take advantage of any free offers and codes. PUBGList.com lists all the new and best PUBG sites to win skins and items. Each site is listed with PUBG free codes and offers to let you play on the site. Game types are also listed, so you can easily find exactly the kind of site you are looking for, whether it be PUBG Roulette, PUBG dice games or something else entirely!


Win PUBG Giveaways

To celebrate the launch of PUBGList.com, you can win 1 of 4 PUBG Coats. Just head to the PUBG giveaways list for your chance to win.

PUBGList.com Giveaway

CSGO Referrals Club is proud to present the Ultraviolet Giveaway!

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Don’t forget to check back regularly to our CSGO Giveaways list for more CSGO Giveaways and ways to win CSGO skins.

This month we are bringing you 7 new CSGO sites to try. Each with free offers to get you playing and winning CSGO skins for free.

September CSGO Sites

GO Case - Free $1.55 with code: GOBIG

New GO Case users can get a huge $1.55 for free to open CSGO cases. Just visit GO Case and enter the free code: GOBIG.

Earn GG - Earn skins the easy way

Earn.gg is one of the most unique CSGO sites around. They provide numerous ways to earn your CSGO skins by completing offers and tasks or even just watching videos. A simple way to earn skins is to just load up a video and leave the browser open and earn credits 24 hours a day!

Earn.gg lets you cash out to Bitcoin, Bitskins or a few other CSGO websites so you can trade for CSGO skins.

Get earning at Earn.gg now!

Vree Case - Free $.35

Vree Case is another new website offering CSGO cases. New users get a free $.35 to start opening cases to win CSGO skins.

CSGO Nerf - 20 free coins

CSGO Jackpot still remains one of the most popular games and CSGO Nerf is another way to get in on the action.

Enter the jackpot for your chance to beat other players and win the pot of CSGO skins!

New users get 20 free coins at CSGO Nerf to play with!

Fast2Play - Deposit Bonus

Fast2Play provides Esports betting on a wide variety of games from CS:GO, Dota2 and more. In addition to betting on matches, Fast2Play gives you other ways to win with roulette and slots.

New users can get a deposit bonus of upto $100 when you first join.

Try your luck and bet on esports matches with Fast2Play!

Thunderpick - Esports Betting

Lastily we have Thunderpick Esports Betting, letting you bet on lots of different Esports games from around the world.

As an extra bonus, Thunderpick users can add code: REFCLUB to get 3% extra on every deposit with skins!

Cash out your winnings for CSGO skins. Play now at Thunderpick Thunderpick Esports Betting.

CSGO Derby - Free 25 coins code

Do you like CSGO and horses? CSGO Derby could be just the thing. Get into the racing carnival action with horse racing themed Crash and Roulette games to win CSGO skins.

Use the CSGO Derby free code MASSIVE to get 25 coins.

Quit horsing around and try win skins at CSGO Derby today.

It’s a new month and coming with it are 2 great new CSGO case sites to try with free codes.

CSGO Kingdom - Free $ with code: HUGE

Checkout the newly launched CSGO Kingdom and open a free CSGO case with code: HUGE.

Visit every day and open CSGO Kingdom daily free cases to win every day.

Get extra rewards by linking Twitter and joining the Steam Group.

Check out Checkout the newly launched CSGO Kingdom today!

Skin Bet - 200 free diamonds to play roulette

Looking for a new CSGO roulette site? Try Skinbet.io. Use the link to get 200 free diamonds when you first sign in and play roulette.

If roulette isn’t your thing, try your luck at Jackpot or Dice games!

Get your free 200 diamonds at Skinbet.io right now!

CSGO Positive - Esports Betting with free coins

CSGO Positive is a new Esports betting site. Featuring Russian and English language support. Give it a go now with free coins to win CSGO skins.

Bet on Esports matches at CSGO Positive and win CSGO skins.

Get your free CSGO Positive coins now.

It’s a new month and coming with it are 2 great new CSGO case sites to try with free codes.

HolyBoost - Free $1.20 with code: BOOSTED

Checkout the newly launched Holy Boost with a massive $1.20 free to open cases with code: BOOSTED.

Holy Boost has a unique theme which sets it apart from other CSGO case sites.

Try out their case creator and make your own CSGO case with exactly the items you want to win.

Check out Checkout the newly launched Holy Boost now!

Rage Case - Free coins to open csgo cases

Another new csgo case site that’s opened lately is Rage Case. Use the link to get free coins when you first sign in and open a CSGO case for free.

Top up your account with rage credits from Kinguin or one of the other payment methods supported.

Open a free csgo case at Rage Case today!