The Biggest PUBG Sites List With Free Offers & Codes

Every day, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S: BATTLEGROUNDS just keeps growing. In Early November, PUBG reached a total concurrent player count of over 2 million. Well past that of any games before it, including DOTA2 and CS:GO.

Alongside the interest in the game itself has been a growing interest in PUBG items and skins. So far, the game includes a number of crates that can be opened to gain clothes and accessories for your in-game character. With the possibility of PUBG weapons skins and other enhancements in the future, the popularity of PUBG skins just keeps growing.

PUBG items for sale

A number of PUBG sites have opened to give users a chance to win PUBG items. Many of these new PUBG sites have been created as offshoots from well-known CSGO gambling sites, such as CSGO Polygon and CSGO Fast. Lots of the new PUBG gambling sites have games which will be familiar to those having tried out CSGO gambling in the past. These include roulette, coin flip, jackpot, Esports betting and case opening. There’s already heaps of different ways to gamble and win PUBG skins.

Finding the Best New PUBG Sites

With so many new PUBG gambling sites opening up, it’s a great time to try them all and take advantage of any free offers and codes. lists all the new and best PUBG sites to win skins and items. Each site is listed with PUBG free codes and offers to let you play on the site. Game types are also listed, so you can easily find exactly the kind of site you are looking for, whether it be PUBG Roulette, PUBG dice games or something else entirely!


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